Retro Inspired

Ghost Run
See you in 2024!

Nightmare Run is a ghost run with origins in Louisville.

Enjoy an evening of entertainment solving rhyming clues to find 2 INCLUDED Haunted Houses while traveling back country and scary roads.

Build your best team of puzzle solvers or make it a date night event! Either way, you’ll struggle to find an event that is more fun than Nightmare Run…….

What Takes Place

I bet you thought we would tell you…..  Nope! When we said RETRO, we meant it!  While you will not know your destinations when you leave the start point, you will have access to find out the location of both INCLUDED haunts along the way.  You will have a sealed envelope just like you remember!

If you choose to open the envelope and find out the location of the haunts, you will no longer be eligible for prizes but you will still have access to the game and the Haunted Houses.

How Does it Work?

Ghost Run was the term given to events like Nightmare Run that began over 40 years ago right here in Louisville, KY. They are events where you gather friends and family and follow rhyming clues in your car not knowing where you are going or what cool adventures you might encounter along the way.

The goal is to follow the rhyming clues to make the correct turns which will lead you to Haunted Houses. The routes are NOT designed to take you the “direct” route or “fastest” route. They are intentionally designed to give you a tour of roads you’ve probably never been on even though they may be right in your own area of town.

The Game and Haunted Attractions on Nightmare Run are all INCLUDED in your ticket price and by following the rhyming clues you are able to turn what would be a quick evening attending haunts into an interactive full night of fun for you and your family/friends.


• Make sure you have fuel
• Pack some snacks
• Pack a Flashlight (sometimes the driver hates the dome light)
• Pick your team…. You know what we mean by this!

Want to make it a TRUE Retro Game? If so, bring a dictionary, a map and anything else you think you might use your phone for. THEN, put your phones away! And don’t use your car’s GPS system either.


$30 per person for everything – the game AND admission to 2 haunted houses!

Your Nightmare Run ticket is a $20 savings over simply going to our 2 included haunted houses directly!

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